Rick Ramgattie
Security Analyst
Independent Security Evaluators

Rick Ramgattie is a Security Analyst at Independent Security Evaluators (ISE), where he conducts high-end, custom security assessments of computer hardware,  software products, and manages a team of security researchers. Growing up in the city of Bayamón, Puerto Rico, speaker Rick Ramgattie recognizes that it isn’t all that easy to get into the information security community. In a self-taught manner he strived to learn what he could, before attending college in the mainland and then migrating to Baltimore. Now, as someone who appreciates the art of reverse engineering, he has taken part in hands-on security assessments of complex systems, IoT devices, and many different native and mobile applications. Rick enjoys reverse engineering, occasional CTFs, and reading.
Ian Sindermann
Associate Security Analyst
Independent Security Evaluators (ISE)
Ian Sindermann is an Associate Security Analyst at Independent Security Evaluators (ISE), where he conducts rigorous security assessments of various computer hardware and software products. With a primarily self-taught education and prior experience as a wannabe sysadmin, his background lies in web application security, IoT devices, and *NIX systems. Insatiable curiosity has led to a variety of other interests including mainframes, legacy systems, hardware hacking, and whatever tech obscurities he can get his hands on.

José L. Quiñones Borrero (@josequinoens)

Bio: José L. Quiñones has more than 20 years of experience in the IT field and holds a Bachelors in Science in Electronic Engineering Technology from the University of Puerto Rico . Additionally holds various professional certifications in systems administration area such as: MCP, MCSA, and RHCSA, but also in the IT security field such as: , HIT, C|EH, C|EI, CNDP, CMIS, CCFI, CMSP, C)PEH, C)M2I, GCIH and GPEN. Jose’s background in electronics has made him proficient in hardware hacking with platforms like IoT, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ARM/MIPS architecture and UAV. 

He is President/Founder of Obsidis Cosortia, Inc a not for profit organization which mission is to promote professional development of information security for IT professionals, students and enthusiasts, and security awareness to the general public. Finally Jose, runs a local security user group “init6”, is the head organizer of “Security B Sides Puerto Rico”, designs Network Security Scenarios and Simulations (Capture the flag events), and runs a personal blog about systems administration and security CODEFidelio.org.


Carlos Perez (@carlos_perez)

Director of R&D for TrustedSec.

Carlos is also a Community Developer for Metasploit, contributor to the “Metasploit the Penetrations Testers Guide” Book and has written several Open Source security tools some included in Kali Linux. He is a member of the board for the PTES Penetration Testing Execution Standard and the Init.d Security Group in Puerto Rico. He has presented at Defcon, Bsides, Hack3rCon, SANS and others. He is also a host for Security Weekly and has participated as a security subject matter expert in both radio and television. Carlos loves to write code in Python, Ruby, Powershell, T-SQL and Bash. Carlos holds the Poweshell MVP title since 2014 and its considered one of the most influential information security Powershell contributors.

Javier Hernandez (@soynerdito)

Tech nerd, Android, C++, Java, .NET, Ubuntu/Mint, Arduino, Python, PSoC. Hardware, Software and everything in the middle.